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Why have a Website ?         A Website to reach the across the country and the world. From here in Adelaide, South Australia we have no problem reaching all over the world.  A small advert placed in a paper or magazine can lead someone into your site with hundreds of pages of information.  It also allows you to potentially present yourself with an image as good as a big corporation, even though you may be only a little fart. All at an affordable cost.  A website can also contain instruction/installation manuals, apart from E-commerce options.
You are looking at one of ours !
How much do I Spend ? Firstly you have an advantage that you do not need to 'do-the-whole-thing' at once. You can bite off a bit at a time. You can project yourself as well as a major corporation, BUT if you try to cheap skate this you can look like a one-man-band. There are some pretty amateur websites out there. So you only have to have a few pages to start, but they should have good content and be combined with a good logo and graphics/photos. Remember people do not read much.  Photos and graphics get the message across fast. But if they are poor quality they make you look second rate. We can use an existing logo or create one for you. Costs see > Frequently Asked Questions
Our method of helping you 'reach' your customer. An informal chat to help 'bridge the distance' between you. The aim is to get the customer to feel more comfortable and to take the next step and to contact you.  To see a video on this subject click here
Attracting Distributors A website can be a good way of attracting distributors, especially in other countries. You can create a profile that belies your small size. We have small Adelaide companies create a strong presence worldwide. Attracting Investors A website can be effective in impressing investors and getting your message across. A small company in Adelaide (not exactly the centre of the universe) can project a better image that one from New York. Things you should be aware of ... Once a website has been created, do not delude yourself that the world will come banging on your door. These extra issues all take time and cost. (1) Listing in popular search engines People won't find your site unless you tell them the address or a search engine brings it up from a search enquiry. (2) Promotion of the website address in the media. We can follow this right through to the magazine adverts and internet adds, which we generate here. (3) Site Maintenance Bit like a car. You buy a new one - but it has to go back for servicing. Some website need a lot of servicing - they may have a lot of content that needs to be continually updated. Normally the maintenance is in the form of refinement. Honing it up to better get the message across. From the website statistics and analysis software, you can see who has been in there, what they clicked on, that is what there interest was, and this allows you to refine the content to get the site to work better.
At what point should I get a Website ? Alternatives ? Nobody ever seems to have enough money. There are always so many other things to spend it on. Those with an unlimited budget need not be so concerned, but the rest should consider a few points :-  (a) You need a logo.  (b) a business card (uses logo).  (c) a draft brochure (uses logo). Now your draft brochure, can be in paper and electronic format. .Pdf Document The electronic version is a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file that can be sent to anyone who has a free reader (most people have one, or if not, can download one from Adobe). This format will give a file that will come out looking the same on anyone's computer, rather than 'Word' type of software, where the brochure can look like a 'dogs breakfast' at the other end. You can email this .pdf file to people. In the case of the paper version we print of a batch on a colour laser to get people started. You do not print too many, as at the beginning, there are always lots of minor changes that 'pop' up. Pitch Document The next step is usually a Pitch Document for Investors or Distributors. This can be printed or electronic. We prefer ours to be printed so we can control the quality, avoiding the situation where you email an electronic copy and someone prints it off on the worlds worst printer using toilet paper, and hands it to their boss (the actual decision- maker). PowerPoint Alternatively we create a PowerPoint presentation - usually designed for emailing where the file size has been minimised. This can be self running with music - the full bit. The distinct advantage here is that when the email attachment is activated, the presentation takes over the full screen - fully capturing attention. We spent time to juggle the content -highly graphical - to get the concept transferred into someone's brain. At this point you can get a pretty potent message across. The next step is usually a website Note that most of the graphics / photos etc have already been generated. They do need to be reduced and optimised for the web, but so much of the preparation work has already been done.  The text detail on your 'Unique Selling Proposition' has also been visited.  It is up to you just how many pages - what depth you wish to go. The site can be added to over time, and refined as required.
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