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Product technical manuals are a very important part of getting and keeping your product in use. Few people do this job properly. The end result is a lot of unhappy customers who won't recommend your product and who can be the source of a lot of wasted company time answering queries, which could have been avoided by having a decent manual or data sheet in the first place. The best way of doing these is with a maximum graphical content. SHOW and don't try to TELL. People don't read text these days ! A picture is definitely 1000 words. We have even done the things with no language, just drawings and photos. We can do the photography and photo manipulation and graphics.
Form they can come in .... Email versions      We put them in .pdf form for websites and emailing      or high resolution .pdf's that can be emailed      directly to a Printer. Video      Create a video version for website ►  Printed      We will print drafts here and limited production      runs until everybody in the 'system' is happy and      variations and refinements are sorted out.      Then we generate a high resolution .pdf document      for printers and another version for email for      website download. ►  Web documents      .pdf documents for a website, or a website. Content ►   Drawings - 2D or 3D ►   Animation in flash or other formats ►   Photographs - digital and edited digital
I never cease to be amazed at how few companies get this right. The size of the company has no bearing. I could reel off a multitude of international companies who mess this up. So if you are a small concern, here is an area where you can ‘beat the big guys’. The tendency to try and use one manual for several different versions of the same product is a classic stuff example. Here they will weave in comments for different versions and drive the reader (who is traditionally impatient) mad.
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